Ways to Prepare Your Heart For the Holiday Season

by D.G. Shipton 2017 In this Holiday Season of busyness we need to remember to refocus our hearts on the real meaning of the season. Here are 5 things you might try to do this year alone or with your family to prepare your hearts and minds for the Christmas Season. Take time to read … Continue reading Ways to Prepare Your Heart For the Holiday Season


Ready For The Season

Ephesians 6:10-20 Do you remember playing games as a child.  Many games of tag or other outdoor activities started with the words, "Ready, set, go!" We are instructed by Paul to be ready. Twice, in his writing to the Ephesians about the Armor of God Paul speaks of being ready. Ephesians 6:15 and with your … Continue reading Ready For The Season

The Rest of the Story

  Mark 16:1-8 Growing up I was blessed as many people were with Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story".  We enjoyed the way he put a story together to draw you in, and then when you were hooked he could reveal some great treasure, in the rest of the story. The book of Mark, … Continue reading The Rest of the Story

Live in the Community of Faith

James 5:14-20 Living in Community is a very important part of Christian Faith.  James reminds us of our need and responsibility drop care and pray for one else another.  We were created to live in community in faith, in all of life.  While we can all pray for our needs knowing others are praying for … Continue reading Live in the Community of Faith

Love Lived in Relationships (Practical advice from Paul)

Ephesians 5:21-6:9 Paul gives practical adivce about relationships in this portion of his writing to the Ephesians.  Some of his advice is simple on the surface but hard to carry out in reality.  As I read this portion of Scripture I am reminded of Gary Chapman's "Five Love Languages", which I often encourage spouses and … Continue reading Love Lived in Relationships (Practical advice from Paul)

Prayer of the Sincere Heart

Matthew 6:5-8 Jesus encouraged people not to pray like the hypocrites, or those who think themselves religous.  Some people pray for show, others pray hoping God will be pursuaded by constant chatter.  What God really wants is a conversation in sincerity.   When we pray worried about what others think, we are really doing it … Continue reading Prayer of the Sincere Heart

Free to Come to The Father

"Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus"  Hebrews 10:19 I think see our relationship with God like this: Imagine the president of the United States is in the oval office. The Secretary of State is setting in a high back chair across from him. In … Continue reading Free to Come to The Father