Big Blue World

I had the wonderful opportunity to watch Blue Planet, a Discovery Channel special on the ocean. They said it took five years to make, and that since 1979 a new species has been found every 10 days. What an amazing world our Heavenly Father has made for us. It is so amazing, and we in our lives may never understand the workings of the world around us.
Life of our planet is so tied together, as this program indicated. The program followed life, from the surface which relies upon the sun to make plants, and to life at the bottom of the ocean living along methane and volcanic vents. It is simply amazing to see parts of our world in television, which I will never see in person. The various creatures created to survive in whatever part of the ocean in which they live. To see life hundreds of miles away from the shores in the deserts of the ocean floor near vents is very awesome.
How can one look to the intricacies of life anywhere and not believe in a Creator. Amazing doesn’t really cover the feeling. Yet, there are no real words to describe the beauty and wonder of the world we have been given to live in.
Let us be respectful and admire the place we have been given to call home for the brief years we have to enjoy it.
Thank you God for the wonderful world we have to live in.

— Enjoy Life’s Journey
Daniel Shipton


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