Hearing God when He Calls us to the Mission

Do you ever feel like God is speaking to you? I am sure many of us do. The fact is that God is a God of love and communication. In the Garden of Eden He walked and talked with Adam and Eve, but sin separates us from this close communication. I often sense when God is moving, and feel that I should listen.No, I am not crazy. I usually don’t hear an audible voice. I have known people who have, and what God told them was the greatest influence on their life. I usually feel thoughts and directions in prayer times. I also see where He is opening doors for my ministry.

Currently, it is becoming very apparent that our church is to seriously start reaching out into our community and our world. Several situations have risen to lead me to this conclusion. First, I have started a series of messages on the Word’s of Jesus Christ. I am renewing the fact that most of Jesus focus was on reaching out to others with God’s message of hope. Secondly, we are starting a new Sunday School at the vote of the class. The study is on reaching out to others and understanding them. Thirdly, we have been personally visited by a representative from our denominational missions organization, and next month we have a missionary coming to visit.The overwhelming fact is that God is moving us toward outreach. Today I even recieved a magazine fully dedicated to beging missonal (mission minded).

I am not sure who said it, but I remember hearing a well known speaker once say, ‘You must learn to ride the waves of God’s movement.’ I think I am seeing the wave and this week I am getting my surf board of faith waxed in prayer. I am ready to plunge into the ocean of God’s movement and ride the thrill of His direction.

Keep on The Journey of Faith,

Daniel Shipton

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