Courage to Stand Alone isn’t Easy

Jesus had to do it, often in His ministry. Moses did it too. Joshua would have to put himself on the line, as well. It isn’t easy to stand alone.

I have had to make one of the hardest decisions that I have ever had to make. In the past I have made decisions to move on to new locations, which were hard. I have had to make decisions to confront issues that have come up to my attention. Yet, a decisions that affects others so deeply is not easy to do. It’s a lonely place, to stand in leadership and try to make the right choice for the whole group. It’s even lonelier when no one else sees the concerns or needs that you face.

I know in my heart the tears of today, will one day turn to a stronger and far healthier tomorrow. It hurts right now to stand alone.

“I know whom I believe in, and He is able to help me through.”

God doesn’t always direct us away from needed conflict, but through it.

— Keep on your journey with Jesus today

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