Why Moses Held On

I am starting to realize why Moses held on. I am starting to get why he kept interceding for the people that God had put under him.

I used to read Exodus and the travel of the Israelites and think, how many times do these people have to mess things up, before a leader agrees with God, and has them all killed. Moses had the offer more than once to let them die, and start over with himself. God could have done it that way.

God was developing Moses, and He chose Moses, because of his great love for the people. Moses had the call, and even when the people struck out against him Moses was led to intercede for their lives. People can’t always comprehend the responsibility of their decisions or their actions, but as a leader we must first be led to intercede for the people of God.

I pray that God will help me to intercede even now. It hurts to be in the middle. That is what an intercede does though, they put themselves between God and humankind. We must pray, and not cease to pray, even for those who may lash out against us. Eternity is not built on the pain of the moment, but on the Grace of Forever.

— Keep on Your Journey with Jesus today.

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Christ-Follower. Writer. Inspiration. Encouragement. Dreaming.

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