Drawn to Keep on the Journey Through Our Weakness

Psalm 106 is filled with the history of Israel’s struggle as a nation, to follow and be faithful to God.  It praises God for His faithfulness in forgiving and leading the nation even through their greatest times of sin.  It speaks of our need to be faithful and obedient, but really focuses upon God’s gracious love in sustaining us.

Sometimes our spiritual journey of growth can seem a lot like Israel.  We take a few steps forward in faith and obedience, and then we find ourselves drawn away from God into our our own desires and plans.  We hear God’s call in Leviticus 20:26 and 1 Peter 1:16 to “be holy”, as God is holy.  We then take time to look at our own lives, and realize that we are not set apart as fully as we should be.

God is faithful to those who continue to seek Him.  He will draw us to a closer relationship with Him.  He will forgive those times when we get out of step and go our own way.  In time we will grow to overcome those areas of weakness, and trust God more and more.  We are drawn ever closer to the perfect place of love that God is, as He draws us ever forward in our faith.  Dwell in His grace and strength, and He will help you to over come the weakness we may face from time to time.

Be Blessed on Your Journey.


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