Come to The Desert of Refreshing

Sometimes God neeeds to call us to the desert to be with him.  He led Israel out of Egyp, and into the desert, for preparation before taking them to the Promised Land.  Many others including David, Elijah, John th Baptist, and Jesus went to the desert to prepare for what God would use them for.

We live in busyness, ditraction, and stress in daily life.  God needs to call us out to be alone with Him.  Yet, we often fear going to the void, because we are no longer in control.  The vast open spaces give us less distraction, but cause us fear.  We must learn to love such quiet, such empty places in life.

When we learn to be alone with God in such places we will find great blessing.  With out the distractions we can hear God speak into our lives.  We have to ask ourselves if we are really willing to separate from the world for time alone with God?


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