Ready For the Call

We need the deserts,  of refreshing, places to get away from the world and focus upon God and His deep ways.  However, we live in tension with God’s call to always be ready to go.  In Exodus 12:1-42 the instructions for the Passover preparations are given.  In verse 42 they were told to be “dressed and ready” because they did not know the hour of departure from Egypt.  They had to wait until God had moved Pharaoh’s hard heart enough to let them go.  So, they sat with sandals on, and their cloaks tied tightly so that they could run, not walk.

Christ tells the parable of the Ten Virgins, in His teaching.  They did not know when the bridegroom would come, and only half of them were prepared for the long wait.  When the bridegroom came only half were there to greet him, and to go on to the party.

It is a struggle at times to live always ready.  It is too easy  to say, “I have my own concerns and worries right now.  I have my own plans and affairs to attend to today.”  Instead of being ready to be about the Masters business, and ready for His call  the agenda for our lives becomes self-centered and.  We are not sitting ready for the call.

May Christ and the Spirit of God help you to live in His depths, and always ready for His call to serve others.

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Christ-Follower. Writer. Inspiration. Encouragement. Dreaming.

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