God Has Enough, Be Part of His Blessing.

The Children of Israel complained that there was no water, then no food.  God provided water in the dessert from the rock.  God provided manna in the morning and quail in the evening.  When the manna was gathered, it says “each one had enough” (Exodus 16:18).  It also says that “some gathered a little and some more”.

God is a provider for His children.  He has created all things, and he knows our need before we ask.  He can and will supply our needs.  He has the resources and the means to care for the people around us.  Yet, sometimes we see people in need.  Some may ask, why is God not providing for the need?  The real question is not “why is God not providing”?  We might be better to ask ourselves if God has given us a double portion that we may share part of our blessing with those around us.

Jesus commands us to care for the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the sick.  We sometimes walk past people in need, so busy with our lives that we miss opportunities to bless and be blessed by sharing in the lives of others from the abundance of blessing we have.  You may feel that you have little to give, but in reality we all can give  kindness, respect, and love even if we have no money.  However, for many of us we could reexamine how we live and we could share of the abundance of our physical blessings, with those who have less to live on.  The fact is that many of us know that we are blessed in overabundance, but we simply choose not to open our eyes to see those right near us who are in need.

Open your heart. Open your life.  Open your blessings.  God will continue to bless and love, so that His love can flow in the world.


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