Catch a Wave

Have you ever been at one of the Great Lakes or the Ocean, and jumped into the waves?  Have you ever tried surfing waves?  Maybe you have at least seen others surfing on a movie or T.V.  One of the things that is important to surfing is to know which wave is a good wave to ride.  If you are jumping in waves or trying to get to shore in heavy waves you need to know how to paralepsis in just the right way to move with the waves slowly toward shore, so you are not pulled back in the undertow.

One of the things about growing in our Spiritual lives or the life of a church, is to learn through trusting and seeing God’s movements how and when God is moving around us.  If we learn to keep our eyes open for God’s movements it will make moving ahead easier and stronger.  In a message last fall I spoke about political leaders who have been credited with great things, when in fact many have just been in the right place at the right time.

I want to challenge you to learn from God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to see where God may be moving in your heart, your life, and the church.  Then the greater challenge is to ask God to show you how and where  you can move with His  wave of blessing or ministry.  Everyone of us who is a follower of Jesus Christ are an important part of His Church (The Body of Christ).  We work best when we are open to being used by our Master and Lord.


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