Staying Steady In the Waves of Life

James 1: 5-6

James tells us that if we need help or wisdom to “ask God” (v.5).  He also says that we “must not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave…blown and tossed by the wind” (v.6).    Eugene Peterson translates verse 6 to say, “Ask boldly believing, without a second thought” (The Message).  This is often far easier said than done.  We may want to ask boldly, but not thinking about it is really hard.

People often start worrying and thinking about their problems, and when God doesn’t answer in our time frame, or in the manner we hoped for they turn for other answers.  Like children lost in the woods they turn from hearing the voice of a parent calling, and instead become distracted and loose themselves by going further and further off the path.  God doesn’t move away from us, so if we are struggling to see Him working in our lives or the world around us it is likely that we have moved from hearing and listening to Him.

We live in a world filled with voices crying for us to hear and be moved by their ideas, thoughts, and plans for our lives.  Yet, Scripture is clear that there is only one God.  We must learn to tune out the voices of doubt, fear, and false guidance.  Instead we must return to God.  We must examine what we think we hear with His Word, which is given to us for wisdom and direction.  If we know the advice or direction being given is not in line with the love, grace, mercy, and hope found in His Word then we are better to take the time to listen harder and be sure of the direction He is giving us.

Let us not run back and forth with ideas being thrown our way, but instead let us remain focused upon God and His way.  May we be challenged to grow deeper, so that with a deep keel in Him we can maneuver the churning waters of life.  He is with us, and His Word is here to give us the wisdom we so often need.

– Keep on the journey with Christ.


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