Live Faithfully Where You Are Planted

James 1.9-11

I grew up on a farm in Northern Michigan, and we had a large stand of maple woods.  I love to walk in the woods, and watch nature.  Watching a maple seed blow in a helicopter pattern, as it floats to the ground or flies on the breeze is always a great thing.  The seed falls from the tree and the seed is left to the command of the winds that God sends its way.   The end result is that the seed will land and grow wherever the wind takes it.

Similarly we don’t often have great control over the environment in which we grow.  Yes, we can make decisions that effect our lives, but there are many things that we have absolutely no control over.  James reminds us that even those in humble places should take pride in where God has planted them.  That is because life is more than the riches of this world, because the riches of this world will one day pass us by.

We should learn to plant our lives in the eternal foundation of Christ and His ways.  The circumstances of this world will change continually around us, but the eternal foundation of Christ remains steady in all circumstances.  Instead of worrying over what the neighbors have, or where the next big deal may be we should learn  to be satisfied where God has planted us.  He has placed us where we are to bless the people around us, for the time in which we are living.  When we live that life under His guidance and way we will be fulfilled and satisfied in our living.


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