The Joy of Trials

(James 1.2-4,12 )

James tells us trials are a joy, not something we often like to hear.  After all when is the last time you prayed to God and asked for Him to bless you with hard times or a hard trial?  Trials and hard times often help us to grow deeper in our trust of God, which is why James adds that trials give us “perseverance that you may be mature”.

I used to be consumed by fear.  I mean things would come up that were out of my control and I would simply become paralyzed with any idea of how to move ahead.  I would stay up late into the night thinking about the problems I faced, and loose a lot of sleep over things that I could never change.  Over the years I came to realize that God was with me in past hard times, and in facing tough situations.  Today I do not become consumed by fear, but stand on the foundation of hope that Christ is always with me.

I rejoice today that in the past God helped me to grow in my trust and strength in Him.  I have faced some serious financial struggles in recent years, and have faced rejection by some I thought were very close to me.  However, I have come to see that it is not others that are my source of strength, but Christ alone.

The dark and trying times can help us to be stronger and overcome if our focus is not on the problem, but on the one who overcomes all problems.  Seek Christ above all and you too will be blessed through every circumstance that comes your way.

-Keep on the journey with Jesus


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