Conquering the Evil Within

(James 1.13-15)

We do not like to be told that we have sin, or that we are corrupt.  Most people prefer not to think about our sinful nature.  The reality is that whether we like it or not we are corrupt, and the perfection of our created image has been tainted with sin.

God may allow trials to strengthen our lives, but He does not tempt us to do evil.  Trials are the hard times that help to mold our lives.  Temptation is our own selfish desires.  While some of us may have better control of the temptations in our lives, we all face temptations.

James tells us that it begins with our own desire or lust, which grows in our heart and mind until we actually commit the act of sin.  Our greatest hope is to over come the battle within our minds.  Paul says in Romans 12.2 the we are “transformed by the renewing of our minds”.

Part of overcoming the mind has to do with what we put into our minds, and where we let our thought life dwell.  If our hope is to do right things, then we have to stop thinking about things that tempt us, and instead fill our hearts and souls with good things of God.

Some of the things we can fill ourselves with are Scripture, and Spiritual songs of faith and praise.  These can help us to stand against the desires and pull to do sinful things.  We also should call on our strong Christian friends and family to help us, and pray through these times with us.  These must be trustworthy people who will stand with us and protect our interest as well.

Many years ago I was praying with a young person who was trying to leave the addiction of drugs behind them.  I would talk with them often, and they would call me at all hours when temptation rose in their heart and mind.  One of the things they also did was to listen to a lot of music of faith.  They played hymns, worship choruses, and praise songs nearly twenty-four hours a day while going through this tough time in their life.   However, they were able to put the desire behind them.

All of us face desires of selfishness and sinfulness.  The key is to immediately put them in check, and take control of our lives.  God will strengthen us when we are willing to let Him guide us in every area of our lives.  May God help you through whatever may be fighting for your soul today.  May you rest in His power and strength to overcome.

– Keep on the journey with Christ.


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