The God of Perfect Answers

(James 1.16-18)

We sing the chorus “God Is So Good,” and praise Him saying ‘He’s so good to me.’.  Yet, when situations to come into our lives that are hard, we don’t often find ourselves saying ‘praise God for this trial.’  Sometimes we pray to God to get the job we just know is right for us, but it doesn’t come.  Other times we pray for a car that has broken down asking God to provide cheep repairs, only to find out our budget is stretched.  In times like these few people sincerely praise God for not getting their hope or desire.

James also tells us every perfect gift is from God. Often we look at the harsh things of our world and unanswered prayers and many people have a hard time seeing God’s perfect gifts for us.  Perfect gifts means more than getting what I think is right, or what I would prefer.  Perfect gifts means knowing what is best for every situation. It would mean seeing every possible angle, and seeing every person affected by the result of those perfect gifts. God who is above all, eternally over all, and knowing all has a far better view of what is really best for every situation than we who only can see the immediate moment in which we are living.

Our desires, as James said in the verses just prior, often lead us to selfish and sinful things. God sees the greater eternal picture, so some of  things that we ask for do not come quite the way we think they should.  Instead God may answer slower than we desire.  God may provide the need in ways we never imagined.    God may even not answer our prayers, because we do not see the bigger picture.  This is often the hardest thing for many of us to accept.

God remains good in his perfect love and perfect knowledge.  We may not understand all things at this moment, but we can know that He is still in control with the right answer for all things.  In His infinite love God will also remain with us in Spirit, to help us face all situations in His peace and strength.

May God help you to face your trials, decisions, and difficulty with His inner peace and strength.  May you find comfort knowing that God is with you and that He knows the best for you in every instance.

— Keep on the journey with Christ.

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Christ-Follower. Writer. Inspiration. Encouragement. Dreaming.

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