God is Speaking to You

(James 1.22-25)

Listening and doing are two very different things.  I tell my wife’s cat to stay off of the back of my chair quite often, but very rarely does he listen.  Many times we struggle to do what God tells us to do in His Word, or in our private times with Him.

Our struggle is common to all who get serious with their spiritual lives.  In fact the Apostle Paul said he struggled saying, “What I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do” (Ro. 7:15).  We should be encouraged in our own struggles to listen and do what God’s Word and Spirit are telling us, since even Paul struggled.  The key is not to give up the fight, but to hold on and keep getting back up in striving to do what is right.

James tells us if we do not do what we read then we are like forgetful people.  I know there are some battles that I have faced that took a long time to fully give over to God.  There are habits that I often found myself failing to do what was right.  Every time I failed I felt the despair of failure.  Over time I learned to live in His strength in those areas, which helped me to grow over time and become stronger.

Be encouraged to listen more intently with your heart and soul, as you come to the God of mercy and grace.  Know that He really does have our best interest in mind with His guidance.  Know also that when we fail God is not the tyrant that we often build Him up to be in our own minds, instead His love and forgiveness await to restore and realign the willing heart.

– Keep on the journey with Christ.


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