The Religion of Living

(James 1.26-27)

Many people relegate religion to the practices we carry out in our worship to God.  In reality this definition can be true, but for most of us we also relegate our worship to a specified time and place.  James tells us that religion is everything from keeping control of our speech to caring for the poor and needy.  Paul stressed that our lives are to be “living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God, which is our spiritual act of worship” (Ro. 12:1)



A recurring theme throughout the Bible is to live our faith, our religion, our worship in every area of our life.  God is not merely interested in us coming together to worship Him at church, or spending time in prayer and devotional studies.  He wants every part of our life to be transformed in His love and way.  He wants us to live our transformed life in the relationships we have with others every day.



One of the greatest ways to examine our lives, to be sure we are growing closer to Christ-like living, is to see how we treat those who cannot repay the things we do for them.  It is when we spend time visiting and helping a person in a nursing home, who may not see family or friends on a regular basis.  We may find ourselves helping at a local food pantry, a Salvation Army, or other outreach facility that ministers to the poor.  When we give of our time and of our life into those who are not in a position to repay, it is then that we are sharing love at its most pure.


Think today about the places you are going, and the people who cross your path.  Where might God be calling you to show His love to others?  Where can you love the least of these in your hometown?



Keep on your journey with Jesus today,


   Daniel G. Shipton


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