Sincere Worship

Zechariah 7:4-10

Worship is often a misunderstood thing by most of us.  When we attend a worship service we hear people talk about what touched them, what inspired them, or what made them feel good.  It may be a song, a special story, or the sermon.  Other people simply show up at church week after week to go through the motions or enjoy the ritual.  Ritual can be a very meaningful thing, as it helps to remind us of what is important to our lives and souls.

God challenged the former Exiles of Zechariah’s time to get beyond mere ritual.  He also challenged them to move beyond what they enjoyed about worship.  The question posed was why had they held fasts or feasting?  Was it really for God or themselves?  We all could ask this same question of our worship practices.  Do we merely go through the motions?  Are we really lifting God up, or are we more concerned with what we get out of worship.

There is a second challenge found in the passage, which should challenge our hearts as well.  The challenge was to show justice and mercy to those who may be considered the least in society.  The fact is that worship to God doesn’t end when we walk out of church, instead it is just the beginning.  As our lives are transformed we should carry God’s love into every moment of everyday.

May you keep on the journey with Jesus today,

Daniel Shipton

Published by dgshipton

Christ-Follower. Writer. Inspiration. Encouragement. Dreaming.

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