Turning To God

“Have mercy on me, O God, According to Your unfailing love; according to Your great compassion blot out my transgressions.” (Ps. 51:1)

David begins his great Psalm of confession, after his affair with Bathsheba and the killing of Uriah, with these words.  David is a person after God’s heart, and part of the reason I think that he is credited with this is because he knew where to turn when he fell and when he was in great failure.  David lost any arrogance which the throne may have afforded him, and humbled himself before God   David turned to God in confession and sincerity of heart.

Turning to God means that we must recognized a few things in our lives, which David seems to understand.  First, we must recognize our own need of God and His mercy, love, forgiveness, and restorative power.  We must understand that God is the sole source of our greatest needs, so that we can turn to Him in sincerity.  We also must turn to God knowing that He is trustworthy to accept us where we are, and to forgive us and restore us.

Many people struggle with turning to God with the fullness of their heart and life, because they struggle with the issues of trust.  For many of us we may not have experienced the most trusting environments in our formative years.  We live in a fallen world among fallen people, and as such it is often hard to learn to trust.  Yet, until we open ourselves fully to God’s love we and trust Him fully we limit the love that He desires to show in our hearts.

David knew that as he turned to God, God was faithful to love and forgive.  All God desires is the heart that will lovingly open up and seek Him, and He will meet us.  He will forgive us, and He will restore us.  Yes, part of that restoration will mean that we can walk in a new way, because in seeking our best God also desires that we become better than we were before our failure.  In His the guidance of His Spirit and His Word we can learn to walk in a better way.

Turn to God.  Seek Him, and He will meet you and love you.  He will forgive any sins and help you to walk in a new life in Him.

May God bless your journey with Jesus,

Daniel Shipton


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