Snow White

Winter began to fade away a bit where I live over the last week.  The receding snow revealed a lot of fallen branches, garbage which had either blown in or was dropped by a passing car.  Then there was the mud, as the frozen ground pushed moisture up to the surface.  Today I stare again at a new layer of pure white snow. I am reminded of the words of the old hymn written by James Nicholson:

Whiter than snow, yes whiter than snow.

Now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.

The old hymn asks God to remove our idols, and remove all that keeps us from being made whole.  Nicholson must have known that our only hope for cleansing is found in God’s power to wash us.  We are after all like children who play in the mud and come inside mud covered, and dirty.  We are met by the stern but loving mother who puts into the bath to be washed, and always checks behind our ears to be sure we didn’t miss a spot.  Of course like children, we often find our way right back into the mud soon after, and the process must start over again.

God is waiting for us to seek His cleansing power.  He desires that we be made clean, as He is clean.  He has the best soap and wash cloth in the universe and He can wash away all the stains of sin, so we can truly stand clean in His presence.  He gives us clean clothes, so that we are ready for the banquet party.

Are you seeking His cleansing power in your life?  Are you asking for Him to wash you and make you clean again.

– Keep on your journey with Jesus

  Daniel G. Shipton


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