Who’s On The Journey With You

“Let us not forsake the assembling of ourselves together”- Hebrews 10:25.


We need others in our life.  We are created to be in communion (union) with one another. We are created to be reunite with God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  God is then in relationship with us.

I have often heard people say that we should beware of the company we keep.  Growing up this meant not hanging around with the kids who caused trouble, or might try to pull me into trouble.  Yet, I have matured far beyond those childhood days.  I have come to see that being aware of our company is a bit more complicated, and far from black and white at times.

On one hand we must guard our hearts and minds from sinful temptations and actions, so we should choose carefully just how far a relationship with someone on a sinful path should be.  Yet, in following the example of Christ we must continually seek to help others, no matter where they are coming from.  We must be open to help people who are hurting from all walks of life.  After all to follow in Christ’s footsteps means to leave the cathedrals for the streets.

When we gather with others of faith, we can be encouraged and strengthened to go out into a world filled with sin and offer hope.  We need those with deep spiritual ties to help us keep our grounding, as we move into the waves of life.

Who is helping you to remain grounded, to help you hold on to the Anchor of Christ in your life?  Who’s helping your to sustain and move your journey in Christ?

– Keep on your journey with Christ today,

Daniel Shipton


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