Stick to the Manual

owners manualI was working on our car a few weeks ago.  The rear tail light had burned out.  I assumed that I knew what I was doing.  Opening the trunk, I found wires going through a hole in the wall; however, I couldn’t figure out how to get through to the actual light bulbs.  In my last vehicle you simple turned a knob around the wire and the bulb came out to be removed.  My current vehicle isn’t quite this easy.  I finally had to get the owners manual and figure out that five screws had to be removed to get to the light bulb.  I was reminded that often to get the job done right you must stick to the manual.

I once had someone ask me why God doesn’t just give you a map of where to turn in life.  The man seemed to think that if he had everything laid out that it would be so much easier.  We may not have an exact map of every turn in life, but we do have a manual for living life.  God’s Word.  The Bible.  This manual doesn’t tell us every single move to make in life, but instead gives us guidance for how to handle all of the situations that may arise, as we journey through this life.

Like many things in life, the only way to know something, is to study it on a regular basis.  Joshua was challenged by God to “be strong and courageous” in following the word’s Moses had given, God’s Word (Joshua 1:7).  In fact he was told, “not to turn from it to the right or to the left.”  It was the secret to success in carrying out God’s leadership.

Are you sticking to the manual God has given us to face life?  Take time in His Word today.



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