God Loves and Desires Love in Return

“He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God.” (Ps. 50:23 NIV)

     This Psalm has been a great reminder of that we should be sincere in expressing worship to God. God loves people who deeply and truly love Him. The relationship of God to His people is often depicted as a husband to a bride. It shows a deeply loving relationship. In such intimacy most of us would want to know that we are deeply loved, and God also desires our deepest love.

     This deep love is not just for anyone, but is for those in sincere relationship with Him. It is for those who know who He is and how He has loved them. This is why in verse 16 there is a challenge to those who would live in sin: “What right have you to recite my laws or take my covenant upon your lips?” We could look at the fact that sin prevents the grace of God from flowing fully into our lives, so God asks that only the sincere expect His full blessings.

     It also seems evident in this passage that God is asking those who do not love Him to avoid quoting the words of His love letter. We can return to the example of God as the Husband in relationship. What husband would want to hear another woman quoting words written in love to his bride. Those words and promises are written for the one whom he loves. If someone else who does not love or respect him reads them they will not have the effect of love.  Instead it may provoke disapproval or even disgust from a husband.

     God’s Scripture is His love letter to all who would put their trust, love, and devotion into Him. It is an open love letter to those who will hear and respond back in love to Him.

     Take some time right now to think about God’s love for you. Think about how God has given you blessings in your life and sustained you. Think about how He forgives and provides good gifts to all who love Him.


– Keep on the journey today

D.G. S.


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