Share the Experience

1 John 1:1-4
John opens his letter, similar to his Gospel account, at the beginning. We sometimes need to go back to where we started in order to go ahead. John went back to the beginning of the Gospel message of hope, by taking the readers back to what he knew and had experienced. It was validation that they could trust his words, over those of some of the false teachers that were starting to come onto the scene. John was with Jesus, and he shared out of his personal experience he could share.

Personal experience is important in anyone’s life. Personal experience gives us something to look back on when we are going through tough times, and it is the greatest witness to others around us of who God is. It is true that we we can not say we walked and talked with Jesus while he was here on earth. However, most people we meet in life are more interested in how we are walking and talking with Christ right now. They are interested in our personal story and experience with God.

Some studies say that it takes 10 different people sharing their faith and experience with another person in order before they will begin to put their own trust in God. When you are open with your experience, with your journey with Christ it can become an open door for others to see what God’s love is really all about. It brings God close to home for them. It may even help them to begin their own journey in knowing God.

Think about all God has done for you in your life. Think about how Christ has given you hope, and continues to help you in your daily life. Then look for opportunities to share those blessings and good experiences with others, as doors open.

Blessings on the journey,

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