Light Over the Darkness

1 John 1:5-7
Light and darkness are themes of the Bible, especially in how we walk within the world. When we come into a room in the dark of night and flip a light switch the darkness retreats, except into the smallest corners or under the furniture. Light seems to overpower darkness, yet we are warned in verses like this passage that we must choose to walk in the way of the light.

Light is the knowledge and spiritual wisdom of knowing God and His blessed way. While darkness is the opposite, as we are without knowledge and lost in the darkness of sin and the power of evil, which is so prevalent in our world.

John’s words remind us that we cannot claim to be full of the light, and yet walk in the choice of sins dark way. Dark and light are so opposed to one another that they cannot be in the same place. Too many people in the world like to try to live in the shadows, often sticking one foot or arm out into the light of Jesus for a while, but hoping to hold onto their desire for personal sin and passion. These personal desires that are opposed to Christ’s goodness and righteousness in our lives has no part.

The challenge is to recognize in our own heart and soul, where God needs to shine the light of His Spirit. Where does God need to overcome the darkness in your life? In His strength you can overcome, and you can shine His love into a dark and dying world.

Keep on the journey with Jesus,



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