Confession Opens the Soul

1 John 1:8-10

It is said in psychological circles that the first step to getting well, is to admit we have a problem. However, most people struggle with admitting that they have problems. Every person in the world lives with the problem of sin, and the only hope of answer is to admit, or confess that we have a need. John reminds the reader that “If we confess our sin, he is faithful and just and will forgive…”

Confession removes the pretense that we are okay. Confession opens the soul before the one true God, by recognizing that we truly have need of God and His grace. Until we admit that we have need God is not able to help us. We run around like a person who has an addiction to drug or drink telling eveyone including ourselves that we are alright. Admission gives us a step to facing our need

Confession also opens the soul, because it is admission that God is real, and that His free offer of salvation is real. It means that we admit that we have need and that God is the true hope for our need. It is an both an expression of our guilt, and an expression of our faith in God to overcome our need.

If you know Christ, take time today in your prayers to confess and remind yourself that you still need and rely upon Him and His promises. If you truly have not placed yourself in His hands fully then maybe today is the time to consider confession your hope in Him.

Keep on the journey with Christ today,

D.G. S.


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