Christ-like Living is Following Obediently

1 John 2:3-6

When we were children we may have played follow the leader or Simon says. The goal was to imitate the motions and action of the leader. The one who followed the closest was the winner.

Jesus called his disciples by saying “come follow me”. That call still remains true of those who follow Christ today. In following Christ we are called to learn from His ways and teaching. We are called to become as much like Him as possible. When we grow in His love and mercy we are learning His ways. When we grow in forgiveness we are showing that we are following the Savior who forgives our sins.

John challenges us to examine our own lives and actions. Are we really living out what we know to be right from Christ’s teaching and His example on earth? If we claim to follow Him it should show in all that we do.

Take time today to ask yourself how you are doing at showing your faith and following of Jesus in your life.
Keep on the journey with Christ,


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