Remain in Christ & He is Always in You

1 John 2:18-27

There is an old saying, “You are what you eat,” which is true physically and mentally.  What we feed our mind and soul upon will transform or make us whatever we will be.  John follows Christ’s teaching found in John 15, of the vine and branches.  He reminds us of the importance of remaining connected to Christ, as Christ was deeply connected to the Father in heaven.  We are to remain in each moment of life connected to Christ for the essence of all we need in life.  Like a plant that is connected by it’s vines and stem we must remain connected if we want to have life and bear the good fruit of God into the world.

John warns of the antichrist, and tells us that many antichrists have already come.  He warns that those who came near to Christ and then left were going out among the people and confusing them with lies.  Those who had turned against the faith were in John’s word’s “antichrists”, because they had not remained in Christ and they were going around telling lies about faith in God.  This warning still has bearing in our world today, because some speak with great eloquence, but we must be certain that the words said by a speaker match up to the truth of God’s Word (the Bible).

To know the truth we must remain in continual connection to Christ, to God the Father.  We must remain in His Word constantly, so that we may know if ideas and thoughts are our own or some other persons, or if they truly align with God’s message of hope and truth.  John assures us that if we remain in the truth of knowing Christ than we will be secure.


Keep on the journey with Christ,




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