Love as You are Loved

1 John 3:11-24

Love flows from the heart, but it only becomes reality when we act in love toward God and toward others around us.  We can claim to love, but if we never show love to our brothers and sisters around us then we do not really have love.  John reminds us in this part of his letter that love is the real measuring stick of the Christian life.

Love brought Christ into this sinful world to die for our sins.  Love put our need of salvation and hope above the comfort of heaven.  Love sacrificed His life in place of our own deserved punishment of sin.  It is a love that forgives wrongs done against us instead of holding on to anger.  It is a love that builds others up instead of tearing them down.  It is a love that seeks the best for others instead of seeking the best for ourselves.

As we come near to that kind of real sacrificial love that puts the other ahead of the self we should be transformed.  We should be inspired to love others with that same kind of love that we have come to know and understand in being near Christ.

May the God of love and mercy fill your heart with His love.  May you know His forgiveness and grace.  May you in turn share Christ with others in every moment of your life.

Keep on your journey with Christ daily,



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