We Can Trust God

Jeremiah 17:5-8

Jeremiah had experienced a lot in his life, as people rejected his message and even attacked him in proclaiming the truth of God. He lived in a very stressful time. Yet, he trusted God as his source of strength.

We have been studying Paul’s second letter to Corinth in our worship lately, and Paul experienced a lot of resistance from false teachers. In Chapter 11 and 12 he shares a lot of the suffering that he faced to be able to carry the Gospel of Christ tot the world in which he lived. He came to understand that it was God’s grace that carried him through.

In Jeremiah 17:5-8 Jeremiah reminds us that “they who trust in the lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence are like trees planted along a river, with deep roots that reach the water”(Jer. 17:7). God is the only one who can give life, and He is also the only one who can restore and truly sustain life. People can let us down at times. They can disappoint us. Some may even hurt us in their own actions of living life. Some do it intentionally, but far more often people do these things unintentionally.

However, our hope and strength should be in God and not in the frailty of others, since they are no stronger than we are. God’s love and grace are eternal and never ending. We can trust Him to help us through even the darkest times of our life.

-Blessings on your journey with Jesus,


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