Immanuel, God with us

(Excerpt from my Christmas Eve worship)

    Heaven is called the throne room of God and Paradise.  Paradise is something we in humanity struggle to really understand.  We know that in Paradise all things come together for goodness and blessing.  In the presence of God, no sin or the destruction of sins power can destroy the goodness and blessing.  Yet, Jesus left the place of perfection, the place of perfect peace, the place of all blessings fulfilled.
Jesus, is a part of the Godhead, the source of all things, and the power of heaven’s peace.  And, He chose to set it all aside to come down to that which He had created.  He chose to dwell among us; to live as one of us.

    The choice was not to come to dwell among the elite of the kings, princes, or governors.  The King and Ruler of all things made Himself subject to the limited power of human kings and rulers.  He also chose not come into the family of the religious priests and theological teachers.  The God who is holy and just, and who is righteous in all ways came to live under those who had twisted and redefined his righteousness.

    He became Immanuel- God with us.  To be like us: the average, the plain, the poor, and even the rejected.  Jesus was born like an average poor shepherd, even in the stable.  He who is the Great Shepherd set all things aside, to come to save his lost flock.  He came to redeem, to pay the cost, in order to save us and bring us back into relationship with Him.  He came to be Immanuel- so that we can be made right again, and free from sin.


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