The God of provision

falls 5

Genesis 22:8 &1 4 / Hebrews 11:17-19

When Isaac asked where the sacrifice was Abraham’s response shows that he trusted the promise of God. He said, “The Lord will provide.”  This is a very powerful statement of faith being lived out in action.  Abraham went to the mountain with his son, the promise of future descendants, with instruction to offer him as sacrifice.  Yet, his words shows us that he truly believed in God’s promise. He held to the promise knowing God had a better way in the end.

Faith is difficult because we can’t always see the end of the road clearly.  We struggle to trust that God is really in control. Yet, when we come to the place of trust in God that allows us to lay all that is dear and important down back to the Lord’s control then the blessings happen.   We also often need to remember that the gifts of God are given to us ultimately to give glory back to God.  We glorify God by giving the gifts back into God’s control.  We use our gifts to bless others and show God’s love to all through what we do.  We can only do this when we have given those blessing up and back to God.

Abraham had to be willing to lay the promise back a God’s feet, to show that Isaac was God’s and that Abraham’s devotion was first to God.  It would have been easy to raise Isaac up to a high place of honor since he was born after waiting so long.  This test may have been to show Abraham that his loyalty and trust remained strongly committed to God.

Are there thing in your life that you need to turn over to God so that He can use them for His greater purpose.  God also then guide us toward that purpose, and in the end, we can be blessed more.

What is God asking you to lay back down today?

– Blessings on your journey with Jesus




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