Discipline & Training on the Spiritual Journey


1 Corinthians 9:24-27

If you are like me, and many people I know then exercise and the disciple of healthy living is a bit of a battle. I start out on a diet and exercise program with every good intention. Soon it becomes drudgery, and then I find myself sitting with a bowl of popcorn binging on episodes of NCIS or DOCTOR WHO. It easier to binge than to exercise.

Spiritually we face a similar struggle. We may set out with lofty goals of spending time with God, only to find ourselves wasting time playing th latest version of solitaire on our tablets. Where did the passion to spend time with God go? Where did our zeal to share God’s love get lost?

Paul reminds us that we must discipline our lives for the sake of our souls. The reality is that we must take the time to refresh ourselves in the ways of God, and then we must exercise what we have been given. That means faith and knowledge have to rake action in our daily living and acts toward others around us.

Here are some practical thoughts on Spitual discipline or formation
Get filled up
Reading Bible
Getting with other followers
Feeding on devotions of others
Praying and letting God guide you and minister to your soul
Stretch your growing spirit
Trust God in new ways
Write down your thoughts
Share your thoughts and blessings with friends, and anyone who will listen
Do acts of kindness and love to those around you.

Blessings on the journey


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