The Faith Journey is a Continual Process

Iron Museum fall 2015c

Hebrews 11:13-16

We read of the great faith of Abraham, Jacob, and others in ancient Israel’s history. They stepped out in trust in many ways, and God used their faith to show the world divine greatness.

Faith originates with God. God is faithful in his care of humanity. Our faith begins to grow, as we see where God is blessing us and put our trust unto his ways. The more God proves that He is there and cases the more our trust is free to grow.

Faith for most of us is a journey. We try God out, and then we grow to trust in the divine power. It is awesome that God allows us the opportunity to try Him out. We are given time to grow and know God more.

God does want more than a half-way commitment in the end. While God calls us to try him out He desires all of us. This is why Abraham went through the process of taking Isaac to the mountain. Abraham had to lay it all down to God in order for God to bless him fully. God wants every part of our lives too.

When we lay all we have, and all the talents and gifts we are blessed with back to God, we are free to serve God’s greater work of love and mercy to the world. When all is God’s it is easier to share it with the world. When all is God’s we free from the need to be in control of every situation, and given spiritual strength to grow in trust.

Where are you struggling on your journey today? Where do you need to let go of control into God’s wise guidance? Take some time to let God’s Spirit help you on thus journey.

Blessings on your journey with Jesus


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