Letting God Transform You on The Journey

Jacob had two major God encounters that helped to bookend nearly twenty years of transformation in his life. He left home, after stealing the inheritance and the blessing that was to be his brothers.; On his way to distant relatives he found himself in his first major encounter with God.

Being the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham he likely had seen the trust and faith in God’s ways and promises.  But we find in Genesis 28:10-22 a personal encounter with God and Jacob.  Faith and promise went from being his father’s faith to begin to become his own.  God promises blessing of wealth and family, and Jacob commits to giving God a try.  He promises if God is with him he will be fully devoted to God.

When he returns nearly twenty years later he comes with two wives, twelve boys, a daughter, and huge flocks (Genesis 32).  He has a second encounter with God, one in which he wrestles with God.  God not only blesses him but changes his name from Jacob (the heel-grabber) to Israel (one who struggles with God and overcomes).

Jacob’s life was changed from a deceiver to a person trusting in God alone.  He was even willing to give all his wealth to his brother  in restitution for past wrongs.  His heart was cleansed, sanctified, and transformed in the desert of life.  Now as an overcomer he  could stand in full trust that God would provide the way for him.  He no longer had to be in control, but could live in God’s way and will.

I admit I sometimes struggle to let God be in control.  I like to keep my hands on things.  However, as God cleans away more and more of the world I realize things are better and the blessings flow more freely when I put my faith in Him fully.

I hope you would learn to trust God fully with all you are.  Trust God’s promises and you can see He will be with you always.

Blessings on your journey with Jesus,

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