Using Gifts in Spiritual Mauturity

Photo Courtesy by satit_srihin

Genesis 37

Joseph, the Dreamer is growing up the favored son of his father Jacob.  Then in his youth, he begins to become gifted in dreams and interpretation.  However, this great gift of God isn’t used in the best way when he first starts using it.  He tells his family, it seems boldly, about all their sheaves of wheat bowing down to his own.  This kind of boldness likely added to the growing hatred from his brothers.

Having a gift and using a gift in the right manner isn’t the same thing.  We find Joseph a few years down the road sold as a slave, then imprisoned, and called to advise Pharaoh on his dream.  In Genesis 40:8 Joseph is a bit more humble in answering Pharaoh.  He says, “Interpreting dreams is really something only God can do.”

I remember starting out in ministry thinking God was going to do something great through my gifts and talents.  Maybe I would be a leader of a large church, or the founder of a new church start up.  I am honest enough now to see that I do have talents; however,  these talents are not mine.  I must use them where and how God directs.  This means that I can be content to serve God in the place that I am in, and not worry about where I could be.  That means surrendering some of my dreams and ideas for the plans of God.  Learning this I have not only become content, but I feel blessed and fulfilled right where I am.

What gifts or talents has God given you that may need reworked or given back to God, in your life? Let God show you the better and more godly way of using your talents.

Be blessed on your journey with Jesus today,


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