Identity Crisis

Hebrews 11:23-27

I remember as a child reading the book, “Are You My Mother”. It was about a little bird that came out of its shell and went searching for its mother. It asked all the animals and even a steam shovel if it was its mother. Hopefully we don’t experience such an identity crisis in our lives that we lose who we are supposed to be.

Spiritually many of us do experience an identity crisis of sorts though. We don’t identify ourselves as we should, but we allow circumstances of life, the attitudes of others, or our status within our community to identify ourselves. In the end the things of this life often change over time. Things like being a parent or working to build our career change, and it’s time to consider being a grandparent and retiring to do some other work.

Moses was raised in a sort of identity crisis. He was born a fugitive wanted by the Pharaoh for simply being born a Hebrew boy. He was thought of, according to the Hebrew writer, special by his parents and saved. He was rescued from the Nile by Pharaoh’s daughter. Since the Nile was the source of life it was like he was a gift from the gods. His birth mother raised him in his early years, so that he knew his Hebrew roots. Yet, he was raised and educated with the princes and elite of society.

In his adult life he could have went into any part of society, as part of Pharaoh’s household. He could have the counsel of the most educated people of the time, and he had access to the powers of the elite. Yet, knowing his roots as a Hebrew he couldn’t tolerate the mistreatment of his true race. Seeking justice, he lashed out and instead became an enemy of the state running for his life. He was no longer among the elite of society, but was a common criminal, a simple fugitive of justice.

Moses went into hiding among the sheep herders of the Midianites, and became the son-in-law of a priest of the one true God. He resolved to remain in his simple life hidden far away from the palace and the mistreatment of his people. In the desert Moses hid for forty years. Then God called him out from the burning bush.
God made him leave the last hold of himself, his own sandals, aside to approach close to the holiness of God. Then God called Moses to his true purpose, to lead his people, the Israelites, to freedom and salvation from Pharaoh. Moses finally had his identity in proper focus. No longer would he be the daughter of Pharaoh’s son. No longer would he be torn between two worlds of princes and slaves. He would be the prophet of God. His every move and every action would be to carry out God’s will in the lives of God’s people.

How often do we struggle with truly putting ourselves in God? How often do we fall prey to standards that others in the world put upon us? How often do we create ideas in our own minds of what we should be?
Paul writes “I am crucified with Christ and no longer live, but Christ lives within me…” (Galatians 2:20). Often we can only find our true identity, in what God really wants for us when we put all things aside and focus fully upon God. When we are filled in focused then all the things of this temporal world seem less important, and the things of God and eternity become greater.

Take sometime this week to let God examine you and look at your life. Let God’s spirit show you areas that need to be given up, worries that need to be left, and let your life be filled with being what God wants for you.”

Blessings on your journey with Jesus,


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