Moving With God Through Deep Waters

Exodus 14:10-22

Many of us get used to being where we are in life.  We sometimes get settled in our views, our attitudes.  It is much like setting into our homes and we dwell in this place of created comfort.  Then God comes along and shakes our comfort zone, and calls us to do something for Him, or to trust him in a new way.

There have been many moves in my years of marriage, and I honestly can say that I do not like moving.  I would much rather stay settled.  I remember one the moves God took us through came when jobs were lost, we were forced to move in with family, and forced to sell our home.  God worked everything out so that within less than a week we had moved, and in less than two weeks our home was sold.

Sometimes to move with God means to overcome some of the obstacles in life.  Moses and the Israelites were forced out of Egypt by the ten plagues of God’s power breaking Pharaoh’s hold over them.  Yet, even as they were on the run, God leads them to a place where they are between the sea and their enemy.  In the midst of this struggle they are challenged to trust God.The People had to trust God and move with God when the time came.

This reminds me also of the 23rd Psalm, which says “Even when I walk in the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, Your rod and staff comfort me” (Ps. 23:4).  We may face some hard times, but it is often in those times that we need to trust God the most.

When Israel was trusting God, God put himself between them and the Egyptians.  Then He provided the way through the sea to safety.

May we trust God to guide us and help us in the journey of our lives as well.


Blessings on the journey with Christ,


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