Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Isaiah 9:1-7

Stories of dystopian societies have been around for quite some time. Dystopian societies are the complete opposite of Utopian societies.  Utopian stories are about societies that are reaching perfection. Dystopian societies are building of the imperfections of society.    Many of us grew up reading such stories as George Orwell’s “1984”, or Aldous Huxly’s “Brave New World”.   Today’s teens,  young adults, and adults are immersed in a growing market of dystopian literature and movies.  Two of the most popular series have been the “Divergent” series, and the “Hunger Games” series.

Many may want to argue the reason’s why such stories of dsytopian societies are so popular.  I look around and see that many people, in general, are burned out of stories that promise a perfection, which seems to always be out of reach.  Stories that are the opposite of utopia bring a closer sense of reality.  After all, we have all been beaten up or discourage in our lives.  We have put our hopes into something, which then failed to fulfill or come through in the way we had hoped.

Isaiah, was living in a time when his society had become so sinful toward God and toward one another that God was leaving them to their own destruction.  God was going to allow enemies to take over and destroy their nation and take many of them into captivity.  Yet, even in facing such hard times Isaiah is given hope.  This is a hope for his time, and a hope for all time.

The hope for Isaiah’s time was that God promised restoration. The disaster’s looming on the horizon were not a permanent state.  One day, God, would restore them.  God would give them leaders and hope.  The darkness they faced would be turned to light again.

The hope for all time is the promise that in the darkness of life, God is still shinning hope.  The greatest hope we have is not found in ourselves, our families, our friends, our jobs, or the society in which we live.  The greatest hope, is that God is still in control.  God is the one who is providing the way out.  The greatest hope was to come not in the power of kings and armies, but through the sacrificial work of His Son, Jesus Christ.  It is by His sacrifice that all of us can have eternal hope.

In this advent season, seek to be filled with the reality of Christ in your hearts.  Let God’s love and strength fill you so that you can see God shinning goodness into the darkness of our world.


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