Hope in the God of Heaven and Earth

Joshua 2

“…for the LORD your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below. ” (Joshua 2:11 b)

Imagine that you are living in a time when the world is in utter change.  Everything you knew and trusted in is suddenly being taken away.  Your home is in danger of enemies invading and taking away the lives of your family.  You have watched as this army, now outside your town has taken village after village, and city after city.  No  one has been able to stop this invasion.  You are in a hopeless situation.  What would you do to save yourself and your family.

I am not describing events in some new movie coming out in theaters, or the news events of places facing war today.  Although, many movies and many battle zones in our world today seem similar.  No, this was the state that Rahab, a prostitute from Jericho was facing.  Two spies from the army of the Hebrews had come to her.  She had heard of all their successes in battle, and how the God of the Hebrews was helping them.  In her own words she says, “our hearts melted and everyone’s courage failed,” (v.11).  Rahab recognized the hope in her own people was gone.

 Where do you go when all you know now seems hopeless?  You go to the true source of hope, the one true God.  Rahab welcomes the spies into her home, but it is not simply a military strategy.  Rahab recognizes that the God of the Hebrews is real and that God’s power is true.  She says to the spies, “the Lord Your God is God of Heaven and on the earth below,” (v.11b).   Her statement is a statement of faith, which leads not only to her family being saved when Jericho falls, but to her marrying into the Hebrew family.

Faith in the one true God led Rahab out of her life of prostitution and into a family.  This family she became a part of would be blessed to bear children, who would lead to the greatest hope of humanity.  Rahab, a foreign enemy without hope became part of the family of the Children of God, and in time the Christ child would be born from her descendants.

When your faced with the impossible, turn to the God who is “God of heaven and on the earth.”  Know that there is hope, because faith in God will help you to face your situation and carry you into blessings as God sees fit.  May you know hope in  your life that carries you through.

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