Reach Out in Hope

Luke 8:42-48

Imagine being told that there is no hope for you.  In ministry I have been witness to some people who have been like the woman in this story.  They were told by many doctors that there was no hope.  Some when they are diagnosed with cancer or other diseases are given an early expiration date, by their doctors.  Again, it often overwhelms the mind and soul and destroys any chance of hope.

Then there are those, who when faced with a hopeless situation take initiative and reach out to Jesus the founder of all our hopes.  In the past few years I have heard of at least two individuals who were in a different kind of hopelessness.  They were facing prison sentences of over fifty or one hundred years.  When faced with such charges they turned sincerely to Jesus and asked Him to forgive their sins and to dwell with them.  What’s more they asked Jesus to touch them in their hopeless situations.  The great news is that they were touched, and charges were dropped or given lighter sentence.  In a real way they understand what it really means to have someone else pay their debts and free them from their sinful ways.  Today these people live in thanksgiving and witness to the power of God working to give hope in their lives.

Sometimes we are caught in hard situations that seem hopeless.  We often feel like we are either undeserving, or unimportant before God.  Yet, Jesus came into this world of darkness to shine His light of hope that God will forgive.  Jesus came to go through the pain with us, and to bless us with His goodness.  That is the heart of the Gospel message, not what we do, but what He has already done.

Take some time today to let go of your needs and reach out to Jesus Christ, and let Him bless you on your journey.


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