Deliver The Good News In Silence

Luke 4:18-21

Jesus read those words of encouragement from Isaiah, and sat down to let them think. Sometimes instead of answering all the questions or debating the differences with people silence says far more. Jesus had just read one of the most important prophesies that they held on to, and instead of saying more he sits down to make them think. He does speak again a few minutes later, and he adds “today this has been fulfilled.” He left them hooked and then reeled them in.
Jesus did this, because they were looking for a king to come and rescue them and he was coming to save souls not kingdoms. He had already begun his ministry by healing, preaching, and calling people to follow. He wasn’t worried about the validation of his home town. Instead he was saying, look at what Isaiah has said and see how I fulfill this already. Jesus was silent on proclaiming himself Messiah at the early part of his ministry, but in the silence he proclaimed hope and fulfilled the witness of the Good News to all people.
Jesus had come as witness to the world of the Love and Hope of God, demonstrated in the way He reached out to the outcast, the unwanted, the brokenhearted. He came to bring joy to the brokenhearted, by healing their greatest needs. For all of us he came to heal the need of reconnection to the Heavenly Father.
We who are followers and believers in the Gospel message are called to carry the same love and hope to all around us. Sometimes the frustration overshadows our message of hope. We decide to argue about points of faith instead of simply stating who Jesus is. Jesus often made bold statements or brought deep questions, but then he would let them think. He was a master of communication.
We may not be the master of communication that Jesus was. However, most of us can share the hope of Jesus in being kind and loving to others. Let them see Jesus in what you do and how you live. The silence may seem a crazy way to speak, but Silence of witness may be shown in what we do more than in what is said.  After all Jesus said, “In the same way let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise the Father in Heaven.” (Matthew 5:16).
In this holiday season, be the witness in all you not just in what you say. Then the silence of action may be your witness.

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