Foreigners and Outsiders Welcome

Matthew 2:1-12

Wise men, or Magi, from the east came to find the new born Christ child. Why did they come? They came because the “Heavens declare the glories of God” (Psalms 19:1), and they were of likely of the Persian scholars or wise men of the time. They studied the stars and likely recognized the star in a constellation, which let them know a king of the Jews was expected.

Why would they care about a king of the Jews? Why would it be so important to foreigners to come and bring gifts to one who was not their king?

Many scholars see a tie back about 600 years before to a group of young Jewish royals and priests who were taken captive and put to work as members of King Nebuchadnezzar’s court. One of these men, was Daniel, of the Old Testament. God blessed Daniel with the ability to interpret dreams and to be a great adviser. This led to Daniel remaining a vital part of two different nations and at least three kings. According to Daniel 2:48, he was also put in charge of “the wise men”.

It may very well be that Daniel’s influence upon the wise men of Persia would lead to them seeking to know more about the Jewish God. After all in Daniels time we know that his friends were saved from a fiery furnace, and Daniel was miraculously saved from the mouth of the lions. Daniel also was able to interpret things the other wise men could not. It would only stand to reason that many would have opened up to know more about this God of the Jews. Many of those in Persia, especially within the magi were following a system of belief in ‘one God’. While they did not follow the one true God of the Jews, they might have been very to knowing the God of the Jews.

So, out of a tradition that was seeking to know the true God of the universe, which included searching the stars for evidence of the divine, comes a group of foreigners to seek to worship the birth of the hope of the Jews. This hope for all humanity was something that anyone who is wise would want to seek. We all should want to know Him and worship Him. We can come to Him, because of the account in Scripture and the hope of God given to us all.

The truth is that God loves us, forgives us, and wants an eternal relationship with us. Today, just as when Christ was born, the wise realize who He is, and they still seek to know Him. May you find Christ on your life’s journey.

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