Free to Come to The Father

“Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus”  Hebrews 10:19

I think see our relationship with God like this:

Imagine the president of the United States is in the oval office. The Secretary of State is setting in a high back chair across from him. In another chair sits the Secretary of defense. The Vice- President is in a Third Chair. All the issues of the world are weighing on everyone.
The Secretary of Defense leans forward, “Mr. President we need to know what to do with this NATO situation.”

The Secretary of State shakes his head, “No. We have a priority with the Russians right now.”

The Vice-President is demanding, “Wait, the people are demanding we resolve the issues of health care and we need to release a statement today.”

In the midst of the arguing and demanding imagine a small child wandering into the room. The young girl simply walks past all the staff and all the people arguing right to the side of the president.

One of the staff members gently approaches, “I’m sorry Mr. President. I will get her out of your way.”

The President turns from all the others and smiles at the girl, “It’s just fine,” he says as he picks up the girl and sets her upon his knee. “What do you need honey?”

“Daddy, my dolly is torn and I don’t know what to do,” the girl says.

The Secretaries continue their arguing in the background, and the President looks at the doll and sees a tiny tear. “Don’t worry sweetie, we will fix your doll right up,” he says. Then he looks at a staff member , “Could you get me a needle and thread?”

A moment later, with all the cares of the world still being argued around him, the President sews the doll, reaches into a drawer and pulls a band-aid out and puts it over the now fixed tear, “There you go, all better,” He says to the girl.

She thanks him and gives him a hug of thanks, before going on her way.

Some of the staff may have tried to push her away, but in all the commotions and worries the president’s daughter had first priority. She had the power to walk in and stop everything to speak to her daddy. Why? Because, she was his daughter and nothing else mattered at that moment.

That is the relationship we have as children of God. The entire universe has to keep going, but when we walk into the throne room of God for us at that moment we are all that matters. This is the reason Jesus died on the cross to restore us to a relationship where we can know the God of the universe loves us.

Trust that God loves you and wants to be your father.  No matter what your back ground is here there is a father who loves you completely, and you are a priority to Him.


(Photo courtesy of  Public Domain)

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