A Person of Faithful Prayer

“Elijah was a man just like us… (James 5:17)

That little bit of information must have come as quite a surprise to those who thought of Elijah as only second to Moses.  How dare James say that the average person of faith is just like such a great man of God.  Yet, James clearly states this fact.

This is such an awesome and true statement.  I have watched people for years who call on the pastor or the prayer warriors of the church, and yet they themselves seem timid to pray for needs in their own lives.  They have some mixed up view of faith and prayer, and they think that they are not worthy of God’s time.

God not only has time for all of us, but God also wants us to come openly to him in our relationship with Him.  The power of answered prayer isn’t in the person, but it is in the one in whom we seek.  The power of prayer is in knowing God.

Jesus opened the way to be able to have that close relationship with God and we need to have faith that God wants us to come to Him with our needs. 

Seek God, with all your heart, and He will be found.
Blessings on the Journey

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