Prayer of the Sincere Heart

Matthew 6:5-8
Jesus encouraged people not to pray like the hypocrites, or those who think themselves religous.  Some people pray for show, others pray hoping God will be pursuaded by constant chatter.  What God really wants is a conversation in sincerity.  

When we pray worried about what others think, we are really doing it for show, and we are going to recieve the only reward available, that we have been noticed.  I would much rather converse with God than worry about wheter others notice.  

I have sat in many studies and churches and witnessed some great oratory in prayer.  However, some of the most meaningful times of prayer have been spent with people in tears who said very few words.  That is because it was their heart that they were sharing, and that’s all God wants anyway.

Why not take some time today, or this weekend and spend some quality time with God.  Open yourself to hearing as well as speaking to him. Be blessed on your journey with Him.

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Christ-Follower. Writer. Inspiration. Encouragement. Dreaming.

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