Love in The Family of God

1 Corinthians 13:4-7
I often express that Christian faith is lived out in community, and that we are really an extention of the greater Family of God.  In particular, we are a part of the local tribe or group of the family expressed in the local community of faith that we are a part of, in other words our church family.

Paul reminds us about the essense of true love built on the love and mercy of Christ.  This is the kind of love that must rule our lives as followers of Christ and in our families and Christian communities.

Christian love is a devotion that moves beyond the mere moment of words or small actions.  I do not deny that even in my own life the quick word from another can hurt me.  I also am learning to respect others opions and I am learning to not judge quickly or on the basis of a joke or small remark, which may not have been recived well.  Instead I try to see the whole persons life and their attitude toward me and in Christ.  Often a moment of anger or slip of a tounge can destroy a relationship.  However, in Christ we must learn to forgive and look beyond moments and into the whole of a persons life.

Christian love is to be kind.  We are to strive to show kindness in all things.  However, since we are all human Christian love is also to be forgiving of wrongs.  I know people who have held grudges for decades.  In American history we had the running joke of the “Hatfields and McCoy’s”.  Yet, in some families and friendships such anger has been carried on for years and no one really knows why.  It is better to forgive in love and move on.

Christian love is patient and caring.  It is always trying to build up and not tear down others around us.  This isn’t easy, because it is easier to look at others and judge them on their weak areas instead of trying to see their good.  Paitence with others isn’t that easy, because it takes time and consideration to be paitent with others.

Paul gives us such a great way to know how to love one another.  Now it is up to us to strive to do our best to love one another in completeness. May God bless us with the ability to show one another love and may we be able to grow and to forgive when we fail to live up to that perfect love.
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