Live in the Community of Faith

James 5:14-20

Living in Community is a very important part of Christian Faith.  James reminds us of our need and responsibility drop care and pray for one else another.  We were created to live in community in faith, in all of life.  While we can all pray for our needs knowing others are praying for us strengthens our faith and encourages us to hold on in times of need.

What about the greatest eternal  needs of salvation and forgiveness.  Surely we can agree that these are personal journeys.  Right?  Wrong.  God brings  people into our lives to help us to know his love and forgiveness.   We then encourage one another toward a Life of Faith in knowing Him.  It isn’t really a lonely private journey at all.

In fact many battles we face we were never meant to face alone, but are to share the burdens and let others help us on the journey.  

Take some time to thank God for those He’s given in your life to help you along the way.  Pray sincerely for those on the journey with you.  And, if you don’t have a trusted faith community, ask God to guide you to one today.

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