The Power of Words (James 3:1-12)

James 3:1-12

There is tremendous power in our words. We can with our word’s encourage others on to greater things, or in one quick thoughtless word we can destroy someone’s hopes and dreams.
James warns about teaching and shows that we must become better judges of ourselves in this passage. Then he spends several verses speaking about how we use our tongues. He shows the great power in our words, as he gives illustrations about small things and their great power. His illustration of a spark starting a great fire, as the tongue can do the same. This is a great warning to us all, and we should take time to consider how we use our powerful words.
Words spoken can build up or they can tear down. A flippant statement heard by another can ruin their entire lives. Sadly, many lives have been destroyed by other children saying hurtful words when they were young. Worse yet, many parents and influential adults have destroyed the future of children through out the world by cutting remarks or judgmental words. We must remember the power of our words, and seek to try to capture them before they get out into the world.


God, Help us to keep a rein on our tongues. Please help us to use our words to encourage rather than discourage. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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