Get Beyond Ourselves to Get Along (James 4:1-6)

James 4:1-6

Years ago I remember listening to my parents talk about a church meeting at their church. Several people shared their opinions on an issue, some with passion. They turned to my father, one of the oldest leaders on the church at the time. They asked his opinion, and he replied, “I think it’s time to go home.” The leaders agreed people needed the break, and closed the meeting, to meet later when heads were clearer.

James warns us here to be on guard against operating out of our own human desires. Outward anger and differences come from inward desires, inward frustrations, and even inward pain from our past experiences. When we come together to work with others we will always have a diversity of ideas, which is a great thing. However, when we push our personal ideas or agendas ahead without the Royal Law of Love it can lead to disagreements. James is urging us once again back to humility in serving over pride or selfishness.

His warning continues, as he reminds us that our relationships with one another affects our relationship with God. “God is opposed to proud actions.” We should seek then to be humble in all our actions, and God is freer to move in our lives because we are closer to his own heart. As we move in tune with God, in acting toward one another, God can open his blessing more in our lives.


Ask God to examine your motives as you meet with others. Seek godly peace and humility in all situations. Follow God’s love and humility in all things.


God, help us to examine our hearts in all things. Let our meetings and encounters be always filled with love and humbleness. Amen.

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